Shatter the Silence: Ricky’s Story


Shatter the Silence was inspired by the loss of our beloved son, brother, nephew, and friend Jose (Ricky) Rodriguez-Carrillo. Ricky lost his battle to depression on April 19, 2009. He was 18 years old and one month from graduation. He had a wonderful future ahead of him; with dreams and goals of going to college and pursuing a career in law enforcement. Ricky had a million dollar smile, and a heart of gold.

He never hesitated to use those beautiful qualities to brighten someone’s day. Ricky’s depression was undiagnosed and kept well hidden from those who could’ve helped him.

Since our tragic loss, we’ve become more aware that many of our youth and young adults suffer with depression and/or other treatable psychiatric conditions, including chemical dependency. So that Ricky’s life and the lives of so many others aren’t lost in vain, it’s our heartfelt desire to reach out to all those who suffer in silence with the hope that we can save a life.

It is our mission to ‘shatter the silence’ of our youth and all those who struggle with depression and other psychiatric conditions by bringing education and awareness to our schools and communities in an effort to prevent youth suicide.

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